EntryReady Access Control as a Service

Available in a monthly subscription model, EntryReady gives you the best of both worlds — the latest access control technology without a large, capital investment.

No Large Upfront Investment

Operating expense instead of capital expense

Subscription Model

Simple fixed monthly subscription cost model unique to the access control industry

No More Expired Warranties

Simple fixed monthly subscription cost model unique to the access control industry

Improve the Guest Experience

In today’s environment where smartphones are prevalent and guests are concerned about safety, electronic access control systems enable guests to use digital keys on their smartphones instead of physical keys. EntryReady provides digital keys for contactless methods of access, which is critical in current COVID and post-COVID environments.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

Few industries have been as hard hit as hospitality when it comes to worker shortages and tight margins. EntryReady is easy to use for staff and guests. Unlike traditional access control systems, the as-a-service model of EntryReady frees your IT staff from the burden of ongoing maintenance.

Increase Staff Productivity

When you can modify an employee’s access quickly and without redistributing keys or key cards, you increase productivity. A centralized system for access control enables operators to turn off access for any given entry point without the need to go to the door where the lock is. By reviewing historical data, you can measure the time employees spend at different activities; for example, how long it takes to clean a guest room.

Innovative Offering in Access Control

With the groundbreaking EntryReady system, you get the latest technology without committing to large capital investment. EntryReady is the only access control solution available in an innovative hardware-as-a-service model. Your fixed monthly subscription cost includes all the hardware and software, while supported and managed by EntryReady technology experts.

Better Security

With EntryReady, you can track who passes through every entry/exit point as well as the location of everyone that has access to the property. Guests gain peace of mind knowing there is a digital trail of who enters their room.

Subscription Model

Everything you need… hardware, software, mobile key, warranty, and 24×7 support for a single fixed monthly fee

No More Expiring Warranties

Full warranty and support on all hardware and software for the term of your subscription

Future Proof Technology

Modular design to enable feature upgrades in a phased approach, i.e., BLE, Mobile Key

Beautiful Design

Our escutcheons and handles are available in various styles, designs and finishes


Competitively priced lock hardware and software for a single monthly fee

Mobile Key Ready

Digital key access via web links and smartphone apps on your mobile device

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

On-premise and cloud-based deployment model

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time event and infrastructure monitoring, i.e., door alarms, low battery, room-ready/safe

Data Analytics

Cloud-based data aggregation for dashboards and reporting

Multi-Property Management

Multi-tenancy provides centralized monitoring and management of all properties

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Resiliency and continuity provided by the EntryReady Cloud


Seamless integration with your PMS system and an open API for integrations to other systems

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