Gain Security and Convenience with Mobile Keys

With EntryReady, guests and staff can use digital keys on their smartphones to unlock doors, whether front of house or back of house. Access is centrally controlled and can be modified on the fly as guests check-in and out or as employees are hired or separated from the hotel property.

Staff can centrally manage all access points from back of house to the front desk, and open doors located anywhere on the property.

SmartOS Cloud EntryReady Mobile Key

Reduce Operating Costs with Digital Keys

In today’s environment where everyone has a smartphone and guests are concerned about safety, electronic access control systems enable guests to use digital keys on their smartphones instead of keycards, which are easily misplaced.

EntryReady provides a convenient, comfortable, safe, and secure experience for guests while increasing the efficiency of property operations.

SmartOS Cloud EntryReady Guest Mobile Key
EntryReady Mobile Key - Increase Guest Loyalty

Increase Guest Loyalty

When you can provide digital keys as an option to guests when visiting your property, you make the guest experience more convenient, which makes people more likely to choose your business.

EntryReady Mobile Key - Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

By eliminating the cost of physical keys and keycards, you save money. You no longer need to purchase, manage, store, and replace physical pieces.

EntryReady Mobile Key - Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the desire for contactless technologies within hospitality. Guests and staff don’t want to touch high-contact items such as keys or keycards.

EntryReady Mobile Key - Physical Security

Physical Security

EntryReady digital keys offer better security for staff and guests. Unlike plastic keycards, people rarely lose track of their mobile device. Access to rooms and properties can be centrally controlled. You can revoke access as needed.

EntryReady Mobile Key - Cybersecurity


Data is encrypted, isolated, and protected. Each BLE-encrypted lock uses a custom encryption protocol to prevent Bluetooth replay attacks. Data between locks and devices uses the low-power AES128 encryption algorithm and each lock has a unique encrypted code.

EntryReady Mobile Key - Environmental Savings

Environmental Savings

Plastic keycards are disposable. Most are used for a day or two and then discarded. Eliminating unnecessary plastic waste benefits the environment and your bottom line.

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