Our practices at EntryReady are influenced by values and principles designed to improve the working experience and encourage growth. As a result, we are warm, friendly, sociable, and resilient. We believe in a workplace where everyone reaches their maximum potential while meeting personal and company goals.

We are dynamic, innovative, and open to new experiences at our core. We believe our culture sets us apart, and all we are is encapsulated in these five-key values.

We Service the Customer Above All Else

EntryReady is a customer-focused company, placing customer needs and our service to them above all else. Therefore, we have a clear value proposition, know who our target audience is, and are quick to solve their needs. Also, we are always excited to engage with our clients and answer their questions proactively and promptly.

We Continually Strive for Perfection

Everyone at EntryReady is constantly improving and striving for perfection. Our culture incorporates self-awareness, trust, and rewards. We understand that every individual is unique and has different learning processes. Therefore, we provide tools to help each person grow.

We value hard work, persistence, and competency. However, we understand that no one is “truly perfect” and focus on helping each person flourish in their area of expertise. Although we continually strive for perfection, we do not lose focus of our goals, get lost in the details, or overwork ourselves.

We Never Say “That’s Not My Job”

Teamwork is at the core of what we do and who we are. At EntryReady, we work together as a team to achieve our set goals and objectives. While we never ask for more than what’s reasonable, we believe in giving our best to help our clients whenever they need us.

As a result, we promote a culture of autonomy, collaboration, and transparency. Our teams do not work in silos but are well engaged and willing to help one another. We also encourage inclusive activities, proactiveness, and the will to take the initiative while ensuring transparency.

We Deliver Results

We have a result-oriented culture that compels us to deliver our best no matter the task. As a result, we separate larger targets into smaller actions and encourage SMART goals. This means our goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Our team understands that time is a valuable resource, so we carefully plan out every task and organize them based on priority. We’ve developed time-saving strategies, productive habits, and effective ways to track progress. Ultimately, our focus is on meeting and exceeding goals, and we do it excellently.

We Exhibit Extreme Ownership

Our extreme ownership culture helps us handle the most chaotic situations without being stressed out. We have exemplary leadership and take responsibility for each other’s actions. This means we seize accountability and do all we can to get the job done.

Every team member knows our mission, and it’s easy and simple to execute. We also empower our team members and help them achieve self-discipline. As a result, we are always high-performing and have a positive work culture.