EntryReady is a brand of SmartOS, LLC.  Our mission is to launch unique, leading-edge hospitality access-control-as-a-service solutions to improve the guest experience.

Before electronic locks became popular, physical locks and keys were the technological extents of access control. The introduction of electronic locks led to the connection of door locks to an access control system. This allowed the issuance of keys without having to replace the locking mechanism.

Today, the access control market has changed and is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Properties are now searching for end-to-end solutions from a single service provider rather than procuring individual components that lack integration possibilities and inflate costs.

At SmartOS, this is what we are about. We provide a fully integrated access control solution combining hardware, software, mobile key technology, installation, and ongoing support for a single monthly fee.

Simplifying the Latest Access Control Technology Solutions for Hospitality

We’ve gone beyond protecting your building from unauthorized physical access. We future-proof your business with future-enabled technologies to reduce costs while modernizing your security. We are dedicated to helping you give your guests the best experience with our comprehensive coverage of hospitality access control systems.

We Understand Your Challenges

Hospitality businesses constantly face new challenges on several fronts. Unfortunately, finding long-lasting solutions to these problems can be challenging. Add to the fact that warranties expire too soon, leaving you with a mix of new, old, and cobbled-together parts.

We know there are better ways of deploying access control systems and have created a fundamentally new approach. We have examined the most significant challenges, solved them, and built a complete solution that makes your work easier.

With our Access Control-as-a-Service, you get an easy to execute, turnkey, low stress, secure, and affordable way of managing access control. In addition, our end-to-end solution is functional and dependable, and we have a “No-Hassle” replacement policy. This way, we ensure you always have functional locks.

Benefit From a Hybrid-Cloud Architecture

The EntryReady platform can be deployed in a hybrid cloud configuration, meaning your on-premise server replicates data to our cloud for data protection, multi-property management, data analytics, digital key management, and much more.

As a result, you have access to all the information necessary for your business to function. Similarly, your employees have the required level of information needed to do their jobs. You can classify your users by security roles and restrict access based on these roles. You can monitor access events in real-time and conduct infrastructure monitoring for door alarms, low battery, and room readiness/safety and much more. This helps you quickly identify problems, communicate, and fix them.

Seamlessly integrate with your PMS (Property Management System) or leverage our open API to satisfy your custom integration needs.

The Market May Be Competitive, But We’re Different

As a startup, our uniqueness lies in our innovative and modern approach to hospitality access control. While EntryReady is a new name in the industry, we bring the latest technologies to help you manage your locks without hassle.

We have vertically integrated our software and hardware system into one secure and seamless solution. We provide you with updates throughout your subscription, ensuring your systems are never out of date and always secure.

We have different subscription plans that work with any budgeting plan while providing you with a fully integrated and supported access control solution for all of your entry needs.

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