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Experience the ultimate in access control with EntryReady Mobile Key, where seamless integration meets unparalleled convenience. Redefine your environment with real-time management and intelligent security, all at your fingertips.


Transform Your Smartphone into Your Room Key

Download the EntryReady Mobile Key app today and enter a keyless entry world.

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Unlock Simplicity, Secure Your World, Access Redefined

Welcome to the future of access control with EntryReady Mobile Key, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled convenience and security. Our innovative system revolutionizes the way you manage access, offering seamless integration across iOS and Android devices, advanced NFC wireless technology, and robust cloud-powered control. Whether it's effortlessly issuing mobile keys from anywhere, customizing access for staff and guests, or ensuring secure entry with mobile number-based authentication, EntryReady is designed to simplify your life. Embrace the ease of real-time management, comprehensive access logs, and flexible integration with property management systems, all in one user-friendly platform. With EntryReady, you're not just unlocking doors; you're unlocking a smarter, safer, and more efficient way to control access to your world.

Latest NFC Wireless Technology

  • Tap Into Security: Experience unmatched speed and security with our cutting-edge NFC technology.
  • Wireless Wonder: Effortlessly unlock doors with a simple tap using the latest in wireless access control.
  • Safe & Secure: Enjoy peace of mind with advanced encryption, ensuring your access is always safe and secure.



iOS and Android

Mobile App

  • Universal Access: Seamlessly use EntryReady on both iOS and Android devices.
  • User-Friendly Design: Enjoy a smooth, user-friendly experience tailored for your smartphone.
EntryReady Mobile Key iOS App google-play-logo





Integration with EntryReady Server & EntryReady Cloud

  • Unified Platform Integration: Effortlessly bridge EntryReady Mobile Key with EntryReady Server and EntryReady Cloud, ensuring a harmonious and centralized system for creating and managing both guest and staff mobile keys.
  • Streamlined Access Management: Seamlessly generate, allocate, and monitor mobile keys, offering a cohesive and efficient solution for all your staff and guest access needs.



Manage Keys from Anywhere

  • Instant Key Issuance: Instantly issue or cancel mobile keys from any location, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Full Access Control: Maintain control over your property’s access, adjusting permissions in real-time.
  • Enhanced Security: Enhance security by responding swiftly to any security concerns.

Features that Matter

  • Staff and Guest Keys
  • Key Delivery
  • Authentication
  • Access Management
  • Access Monitoring
  • Multi-Key Management
  • Integrations

Staff and Guest Keys Management

  • Effortless Allocation: Simplify key allocation for both staff and guests with efficient management tools.
  • Customizable Access: Customize access levels for different user groups, enhancing security and control.
  • Manage with Ease: Monitor and adjust staff and guest permissions easily through our user-friendly platform.



Deliver Keys by SMS or In-App

  • SMS Notification: Receive your EntryReady mobile key notification through a convenient instant or scheduled SMS message.
  • Hassle-Free Access with In-App Notifications: For users with the EntryReady Mobile Key app, get notified right within your phone when your key is ready.
  • Secure and Direct Key Transmission: Trust that your digital key is delivered safely and directly to you, ensuring your privacy and security are always maintained.



Authenticate by Mobile Number

  • Mobile Number-Based Security: Utilize your unique mobile number for secure access, eliminating the need for traditional keys or complex passwords.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Get started with EntryReady Mobile Key in moments, thanks to a user-friendly setup process designed for efficiency and ease.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Navigate a simple, step-by-step setup process, ideal for users of all technology comfort levels.



Efficient Access Management

  • Tailored Access: Control entry to various areas of your hotel, like rooms, fitness centers, conference rooms, storage areas, or garages, directly through staff or guests' smartphones. 
  • Flexible Control Over Key Access: Whether reassigning access due to room changes, responding to security concerns, or adjusting staff permissions, quickly modify user access throughout your property.

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Real-Time Access Monitoring

  • Monitor As It Happens: Monitor user access events as they happen with real-time logging.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: Benefit from the comprehensive oversight provided by EntryReady’s cloud-based logging.
  • Personal Activity Logging: Easily review your personal entry and exit times.


Easily Manage Keys Across Properties

  • Multiple Keys, One System: Effortlessly handle multiple keys within a single, integrated system.
  • Complex Made Simple: Simplify complex access scenarios with robust multi-key management capabilities.
  • Multi-Site Management: Enjoy the convenience of overseeing diverse properties with ease and efficiency.



Streamline and Improve Operations

  • PMS Integration: Seamlessly integrate mobile key management with Property Management Systems for cohesive access control.
  • Guest Self-Check-In Integration: Enhance the guest experience by integrating mobile key delivery with your self-check-in process, allowing guests to bypass traditional front-desk procedures for a more efficient and personalized arrival experience.



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