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EntryReady's Monitoring and Auditing tools empower you with oversight and comprehensive audit trails, ensuring every aspect of your hospitality operation is secure, efficient, and guest-centric. Embrace the power of advanced technology to safeguard your property, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional guest experiences. With EntryReady, you're not just overseeing your hotel; you're elevating the access control standard for unparalleled guest safety and satisfaction.


Comprehensive Monitoring for Enhanced Security

  • Activity Monitoring: Stay on top of every activity with EntryReady's access control monitoring. Gain visibility into access points and activities across your property, enhancing security and guest safety.
  • Customizable Notifications: Stay aware by receiving email alerts for door access, failed access attempts, battery levels, and more, ensuring robust access control and maintaining continuous security and operational integrity.



In-Depth Auditing for Operational Excellence

  • Detailed Audit Trails: EntryReady's auditing feature offers an extensive log of key usage and access point interactions. These detailed records are crucial for investigating security incidents and understanding guest behavior.
  • System Audits for Staff Activities: Track and review staff interactions within the EntryReady system. This level of auditing reinforces accountability and helps streamline operational processes and training.
  • Device Audits: Gain insights into the performance and usage of your access points. Ensure that every component of your access control system is functioning optimally.

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