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Revolutionizing On-Premise Access Management. Seamless. Secure. Sophisticated. Welcome to EntryReady Server!



How It Works

EntryReady Server centralizes and streamlines building access control, integrating advanced security protocols, traditional and mobile keys, comprehensive management dashboards, monitoring, and more all in one robust on-premise solution.

Setup your

Access Points

Access Points encompass two categories: 'Rooms' and 'Doors'. Rooms are for guest check-ins, while Doors cover various access points such as guest rooms, back-of-house areas, amenities, and more, with additional options such as different opening modes.





Easily Manage Access with Areas

Streamline your building's security and operational efficiency by strategically grouping access points into 'Locations' and 'Zones' within EntryReady's intuitive system. This not only simplifies the access control process but also enhances it by allowing the application of tailored settings and precise access permissions for each group. Optimizes the flow of staff, guests, or residents within your space, promoting an environment of safety, efficiency, and ease.

Control Guest and Staff Access

Tailor guest access effortlessly, associating room names with specific privileges for amenities. Simplify staff onboarding with customizable profiles, adjustable access permissions, and instant activation or deactivation. Both guests and staff benefit from customized access levels, ensuring precise control over facility entry points and zones. EntryReady combines detailed customization with ease of use, providing a secure, streamlined environment for guests and staff alike.





Keyless Entry

Discover the power of seamless access with EntryReady's innovative keyless management solutions. Create traditional MIFARE key cards, fobs, wristbands, and mobile keys. Read keys, showing card type and validity, and provide access permissions and entry history reviews. Execute key tasks efficiently, from reading, deleting, copying, or reformatting keys to creating emergency or construction keys for specific access needs.

Transition into the future with our Mobile Key feature, enabling users to unlock doors using their Apple or Android smartphones — a perfect blend of convenience and security. Replace traditional physical keys with the ease of digital access. Manage remote access effortlessly through creating, recreating, or revoking mobile keys linked to specific reservations, sent directly to guests' devices via email or text. With EntryReady, experience the next level of key management, merging simplicity with advanced security.

Insightful Monitoring and Auditing

Experience unparalleled oversight with EntryReady's comprehensive activity monitoring capabilities. Our system provides insights into property access points, detailing their current status and battery levels to ensure uninterrupted security. Delve into detailed audit trails to stay informed about key usage histories. Additionally, maintain full transparency over system operations with our System Audits feature, meticulously logging all operator activities within the EntryReady software. With EntryReady, you're equipped with sophisticated, 360-degree monitoring tools, empowering you to manage access control with confidence and precision.





Powerful Dashboards & Reporting

Harness the power of real-time insights with EntryReady's Dashboard & Reporting functionality, your command center for efficient access management. The intuitive Front Desk Dashboard provides a panoramic view of key metrics at a glance. Stay informed with local weather updates for selected locations and optimize space utilization with the room occupancy chart. Respond promptly to security concerns highlighted in the Active Critical Alerts Frequency Chart and analyze guest flow with Check-In Bar Graphs.

Keep track of access dynamics with Active Keys by Type, identify the balance between mobile and physical key usage, and stay abreast of security events with the Recent Activity log. Transition to the Active Alerts Dashboard for a focused view on security alerts—understand the gravity of situations with categorized alerts (critical, warning, or general) and respond effectively using real-time geolocation visualizations of live incidents.

Designed for all users

User-friendly access control, meticulously designed for every user at your hospitality property. From guests to front desk staff to security personnel to management teams, our platform is engineered for simplicity and versatility, ensuring ease of use for everyone.



  • Front Desk Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Hotel Management
  • Guests
  • Security Personnel
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance Staff

As a Front Desk staff member, you are the heart of the hotel's operations. Our platform is designed to simplify your daily tasks and elevate the guest experience. Say goodbye to traditional key management hassles and streamline the check-in/check-out process with seamless electronic access controls. With room access data at your fingertips, you can quickly address guest queries and ensure optimal room readiness. Plus, our intuitive interface means reduced training time and fewer guest access issues. Empower yourself with EntryReady and redefine the future of front desk operations!


For IT professionals like you, our platform is more than just an access system—it's a bridge to efficient, secure, and scalable hotel operations. Crafted with tech-savvy minds in focus, EntryReady offers seamless integration capabilities with a growing list of systems, making it compatible with your existing hotel management systems. Featuring comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, the EntryReady Server ensures that guest data protection and system continuity remain paramount. Navigate potential IT pitfalls with confidence, knowing that the platform is designed to safeguard both access control and essential data, even in unforeseen circumstances. Plus, with advanced diagnostics and a user-friendly dashboard, troubleshooting has never been easier. Dive into a system built for the tech-forward era; let EntryReady redefine your IT landscape.


For Hotel Management, the balance between operational efficiency and guest satisfaction is paramount. EntryReady Server elegantly bridges this gap, offering a streamlined solution that elevates both security and guest experience. With real-time insights into room access and occupancy, informed decision-making becomes second nature, allowing for optimal staffing adjustments and ensuring room readiness. Elevate your hotel's reputation, enhance the guest experience, and boost your bottom line with the innovative capabilities of EntryReady.


For guests seeking the pinnacle of convenience and security, EntryReady Server offers a transformative journey. Gone are the days of misplaced or malfunctioning room keys; our platform allows guests to move effortlessly around the property using cutting-edge electronic access. Enhance the guest experience with our vertically integrated mobile key app available for Android and iOS. Our commitment to security ensures peace of mind at every turn. With modern convenience and unmatched safety at its core, EntryReady truly redefines the hospitality experience for every guest.


For Security Personnel tasked with safeguarding hotel premises and its guests, EntryReady Server becomes an indispensable ally. Offering advanced access control, it provides a view of room and facility access. The platform's intuitive interface simplifies monitoring, making it easier to detect anomalies and maintain the highest standards of safety. With EntryReady, security teams are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, ensuring the hotel remains a bastion of safety and comfort for all.


For Housekeeping staff, the unsung heroes ensuring guest comfort, EntryReady Server offers a suite of features tailored to enhance workflow—no more juggling physical keys. The platform's easy-to-use interface ensures that room access is quick and secure, allowing staff to focus on what they do best – creating a welcoming environment for every guest. With EntryReady, housekeeping is not just facilitated; it's revolutionized.


For Maintenance staff, every minute counts when ensuring the hotel runs smoothly. EntryReady Server streamlines this process, providing immediate, secure access to areas needing attention without the hassle of traditional key systems. Room access data means maintenance can be scheduled around guest occupancy, reducing disruptions and increasing efficiency. The intuitive interface guarantees easy operation, letting maintenance teams focus on their core tasks. With EntryReady, the fusion of convenience and innovation empowers maintenance staff to do their best work, ensuring the hotel always shines.


Designed to improve your access control operations and the guest experience


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