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At EntryReady, we understand the intricate balance of providing impeccable guest experiences while ensuring uncompromised security. Our state-of-the-art guest room locks are more than just a safety feature - they're a gateway to a new era in hospitality management.




The Future of Guest Room Access is Here!

Unlock a world of enhanced security and modern convenience with the EntryReady M2 Guest Room Lock - the latest innovation in access control technology designed specifically for the dynamic needs of today's hotels. Embracing the perfect blend of style and functionality, our locks come in elegant Satin Nickel and Carbon Black finishes, seamlessly integrating into any hotel decor. The EntryReady M2 is more than just a lock; it's a statement of security, offering compatibility with both ANSI standard cylindrical tubular and mortise locks. With options for mechanical or electronic privacy, this lock ensures guest comfort and peace of mind. Moreover, the EntryReady M2 is crafted for the digital age, supporting MIFARE and NFC technology compatible with the EntryReady Mobile Key app for iOS and Android, and is easily managed through both the EntryReady Server and EntryReady Cloud. Elevate your guests' experience with a lock that promises reliability, is tested for over 1,000,000 cycles, and is backed by the highest industry certifications. Welcome to the future of hotel security, where every detail is designed with your guests' safety and satisfaction in mind.

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The M1 lock combines sleek aesthetics and robust functionality, ensuring your guests experience unparalleled comfort and safety. Featuring a sophisticated Satin Chrome finish and a discreet black reader cover, this lock seamlessly integrates into any room decor. With compatibility for both ANSI standard cylindrical tubular and mortise locks, the M1 offers versatility for various door types with mechanical or electronic privacy options. The M1 lock elevates the guest experience with its MIFARE and BLE authentication, providing effortless access through advanced technology. Compatible with the EntryReady Server and Cloud software platforms, experience smooth operations and easy management for hotel staff. Choose EntryReady M1 for a seamless blend of security, style, and sophistication in your hotel.

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